Where can I inspect the status and location of my package?

You can check up on the status and location of your ordered package on our store. Simply navigate over to the “Tracking” page – found here https://fruitibeauty.net/apps/trackingmore.

What type of customer does this store cater to?

This store is focused on serving female customers aged at least 16 or above.

What happens if I do not receive my order?

If you do not receive your order within the specified timeframe, then please contact us – this can be done by navigating over to the “contact us” page here https://fruitibeauty.net/pages/contact-us. For clarity on our shipping timeframes, regions, and shipping partners, please view our shipping policy here https://fruitibeauty.net/policies/shipping-policy.

How am I eligible for a refund?

There are numerous ways in that a customer is eligible for a refund, to gain clarity on these ways you should make yourself familiar with our refund policy, which can be viewed here https://fruitibeauty.net/policies/refund-policy.

Is there a shipping cost?

There is no additional shipping cost incorporated in any of our products. View more about shipping here https://fruitibeauty.net/policies/shipping-policy.

Where and when will I be notified about deals, promotions, discounts, and such?

If you want to be one step in front of the crowd, or carry with you a big dose of FOMO, we encourage you to make a FruitiBeauty account, alternatively you can sign up to our newsletter – for updates – you are able to unsubscribe at any time. However, you are also able to scout for deals, promotions, discounts, and such by simply manually visiting our store, there will be an announcement at the top stating the duration, amount, and expiration of each discount.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

If you live in the United Kingdom your package will arrive 7 to 15 days after your purchase. Please however allow/consider an additional week for your package to arrive as there could be circumstances outside of our control that could halt or slowdown the shipping process. Shipments to Europe and North America will take 21 days after the initial order. Shipments to regions outside of the mentioned will take 28 days – we are working on finding quicker ways to ship to these regions.  

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