What is FruitiBeauty about?

FruitiBeauty is an online women's fashion and apparel store. On this site we feature various different styles of clothes, each with their own unique components. Our site is for ages 12+. We want to cater as many customers as possible, so we try to diversify our store as much as we can.

Does FruitiBeauty change products often? 

Yes, we do change the products we display in our store, however, we do not change them too frequently. Items in our featured section, cycle through our store faster, than items in our normal collections. This is because FruitiBeauty's main focus is set on its normal collections. We do update our collections, but not as often as our featured collection.

Is there a way that I can view the Status of my Order? 

Yes you can view and track your order by sending us an email at: fruitibeautybiz@gmail.com, or info@fruitibeauty.com and asking for a tracking code. If you are a customer in the United States of America, or Canada, you can track your order by using the "Arrive" app.

What's the stores currency?

Our stores currency and transaction currency is South African Rand (ZAR). This means that even though you are able to switch between multiple currencies, the price displayed on your checkout bill will be displayed in Rand (ZAR). This doesn't affect the transaction when you purchase from us. Our payment provider handles the conversion. FruitiBeauty accepts international cardholders. 

How can I receive news on product updates/changes and/or Sales?

Very easily. If you want to receive such exclusive information, then you can by subscribing to our newsletter. By subscribing you'll be the first to know when and how long FruitiBeauty is hosting a sale, you'll be notified before we remove products and add new ones and you'll be notified for reappearances. You can unsubscribe at anytime that you please. For personal queries, please do not hesitate to send us an email at sales@fruitibeauty.net

How can we get in touch?

For personal questions, please go ahead and contact us at: fruitibeautybiz@gmail.com. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about our website (e.g. about sales), we can come in contact through, info@fruitibeauty.com, or, sales@fruitibeauty.net.  Unfortunately, we do not offer a customer call service at this point in time, we are working towards getting it implemented. In addition, one can also contact us through our newsletter.