Shipping Policy

Please allow between 15-35 days for your order to arrive if you ordered a product from Asian regions. If more than 40 days have passed please email us at to review the status of your order. In case you haven't received a tracking code upon completing your order, please email us at the email mentioned above.

FruitiBeauty mainly ships out products to Europe, North America (United States and Canada), the UK, Australia and South Africa. Ordering outside of these regions might induce a minor shipping fee. The shipping will only cover cheap import costs. We cannot guarantee that your country won't require Income Duty. However, Income Duty (a tax on imports and some exports), has little effect on the overall price.

Our US and EU manufacturers ship in 1-3 weeks within North America and Europe. Depending where you live, your order can arrive within 4-7 business days. If you're ordering from South Africa, please allow a shipping time of approximately 2-4 (two to four) weeks. This is due to the fact that we unfortunately don't have any manufacturers in any African regions at the moment.  

We do not offer overnight shipping as of now, however, we are working on implementing it for our customers in the coming future.